Teaching Careers

Teaching is set to be a really good career to enter in the next ten years, as many teachers are reaching retirement age and there will be opportunities that have not previously been available. Teaching is a satisfying and worthwhile career, with a well-defined career path and the opportunity to pursue a career anywhere in the US. As a teacher’s job is to prepare students to take their place in the future workforce, the changes in the economy are making teaching a challenging and interesting job. The need to keep abreast of new developments associated with the emerging information economy means that teachers need to be involved in continuing education, and the ways of bringing the information economy into the classroom.

Most school teachers need at least a bachelor degree to start teaching, plus an approved teacher education course in order to become licensed as a teacher. Some teachers complete their bachelor degree in a specialist subject and then do a graduate teacher training course, and others do their degree in education, allowing them to become licensed after their first degree.

Enrollments in school are set to increase slowly, according to the US Department of Labor, fuelling growth in the overall teacher numbers, and this plus the retirements that are due means that promotion prospects are good. Salaries are around the $42,000 mark, with the top 10% earning up to $65,000.

Directory of Schools Offering Teaching Degrees