Shampoo Technician

Shampoo Technician: School and Education Requirements

If you love being in salons, working in a fashionable industry, talking to a wide variety of people, and learning in a rapidly growing industry, consider working as a shampoo technician. Shampoo technicians assist hairstylists by washing and conditioning customers’ hair, and occasionally applying hair masques or other special treatments, or offering scalp massages prior to or during shampoos. Additionally, many shampoo technicians provide other services in a salon, including restocking and selling merchandise, such as hair and skin products, sweeping floors, cleaning equipment, offering drinks to customers, or handling customer purchases.

Taking courses at a shampoo technician school can help you build your resume and become more attractive to future employers. Also, many shampoo technicians find that an education from a licensed cosmetology or hairstyling school, and completion of a licensing exam, enables them to eventually move into higher paying careers such as hairstyling or skin care.

Shampoo Technician: Career Opportunities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that in general, personal care workers should continue to see employment growth in their industry. The industry is growing due to several factors–a baby boomer population that continues to be interested in remaining fashionable and an increasing interest in beauty among a younger population. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for shampooers was $17,300 in 2008. However, most shampoo technicians and personal care workers can increase their earnings through tips and product sales commissions–raising the possible annual earnings.