Online Teaching Degree

The schools listed below offer a Master of Arts in education and a Ph.D. in education. With this degree, the student will have gained a mastery of the teaching process as well as the latest technology tools available to aid them. Each teaching degree equips the graduate with the skills and knowledge they will need to reach the forefront of education, as well as to remain there. The teaching degree equips the student with a strong grounding in many topic areas, including learning theory, instructional design, curriculum design, research methodology, and instructional technology.

Teaching remains one of the most important tasks for our society. The link between education and higher earnings potential has long ago been proven. This helps fuel the demand for experienced teachers, as more and more people are getting a more advanced education. Please look below to see the schools offering a teaching degree. Note also that the other specialties listed offering education degrees are also a Master of Arts in education, just with different specializations.