Online Multimedia Training

Multimedia training helps you learn how to integrate the elements of audio, video, still images, animation, text, and data for the delivery of interactive content either through CDROM or over the internet. A multimedia degree will provide you with the ability to create dynamic presentations and content using many different tools and types of presentation. At schools providing multimedia training, course work may begin with drawing and design, digital image manipulation, multimedia system design, multimedia scriptwriting, sound, video, and animation. Multimedia training then progresses to more complex classes such as interactive multimedia information design and Web development. Competencies gained during multimedia training include visual design, digital image manipulation, multimedia system design, audio, web site design, scripting, video, animation, text, business, and project management.

Multimedia careers can lead to jobs in almost any part of the media world, ranging from TV and radio to the corporate world and the Internet where multimedia professionals are in increasing demand. Professionals with multimedia training can find work as a multimedia producer, multimedia scriptwriter, computer-based training designer, web designer, or web script language developer. Multimedia production work can involve creating “synthespians”, multimedia digital humans for science fiction and anime type media.