Online Medical Lab Technician Schools

Medical lab techs perform a wide variety of medical functions. These include collecting and processing medical specimens, performing lab tests and analyzing results, drawing blood, developing lab cultures, calibrating lab equipment, and recoding and communicating results to the ordering physician. Laboratory tests conducted can occur in many areas, such as: clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology, microbiology, and urinalysis. Lab technicians also develop and monitor tissue and cell cultures.

In addition to conducting tests and analyses, the job typically includes the maintenance of test instruments to keep them operating within established guidelines, and the keeping of detailed records and reporting results. Medical lab technicians must adhere to strict guidelines to insure a contamination free test result, and for safety.

Education requirements for medical lab technicians vary, but more and more jobs are requiring a bachelors degree. Medical lab techs work to help doctors rapidly diagnose diseases and problems. The job requires strong communication skills, and the ability to clearly and accurately communicate test results.