Online Law Schools

Lawyers play a key role in advising their clients on the law. In our increasingly complex legal system, lawyers help their client understand their legal rights and their obligations under the law. In legal battles, it is common for their to be no such thing as an open and shut case.

The law is often open to interpretation, and one party in a lawsuit will take one position and defend it, and the other party will take an opposing position and defend it. A good lawyer advises their client of the position they must take, how the other party will attack that position, and the risks of losing the suit. Equal representation under the law is a principle of our society, and beomcing competent to provide it is a demanding task. Law schools and the bar examination in each state plays a key role in insuring that each lawyer is up to the task. In addition, law schools insure that lawyers understand courtroom rules and procedures, and fully understand legal ethics.