Online High School Diploma

For many jobs and careers, a high school diploma is a requirement. Yet going back to high school is not an option for the average adult. Many schools now offer high school equivalency programs to enable those who did not finish high school to get their diploma later in life.

Some schools offer General Educational Development (GED) programs that allow adult students to gain credit for having knowledge equivalent to a high school diploma. The Center for Adult Learning and Education Credentials says that 95% of colleges and universities treat a GED as being identical to a high school diploma.

Other schools enable students to take high school courses online, where they can work on them from the convenience of their home or office. These courses are the same courses that are provided in a typical high school. Completing all of these courses results in a high school diploma that is identical to the diploma earned by students attending a regular high school. Getting a diploma, whether through a traditional orĀ online high school, allows graduates to get their career back on track, get access to better jobs, or to move on to higher education.