Online Esthetician Schools

Reasons to Attend an Esthetician School

Do you want to help people look and feel beautiful? Then you should become an esthetician, also known as a skin care specialist. In this career, you give your clients facials, full-body treatments, head, and neck massages, apply makeup, and remove hair with waxing or, with additional training, laser treatments. You should also know how to keep records of each of your client’s specific skin care treatments.

Formal training at an esthetician school can prepare you for this exciting career field. Depending on where you live, you first may need a high school diploma as GED as the basic educational requirement for admission to the school. Coursework may include skin care, providing full-body treatments, massage, make-up application, and more. When you complete your schooling, you traditionally need to pass a written, oral, or practical exam to gain your state-certified license.

You may also want to take courses in business, marketing, and management if you want to run your own business someday.

Why Become an Esthetician?

Today, nearly half of all personal workers are self-employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Moving into self-employment may mean starting your own salon or leasing space from an existing salon. Other possible places of employment include medical practitioner offices, travel accommodations (such as hotels), or even hospitals.

In 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, estheticians earned a mean hourly wage of $15.40 or $32,040 on an annual basis. With facial procedures growing more popular every day, and more spas and medical settings offering these procedures to help clients’ complexions, opportunities should abound for future estheticians.