Online Electrician Schools

Electrician schools provide the training needed to become a professional electrician. Courses include training in electrical codes, safety and first aid, electronics and electrical theory, as well as more basic topics such as mathematics. Electrician schools also may include training in fire and smoke alarm systems, burglar alarm systems, elevators, phone systems, and more. Electrician school courses enable electricians to demonstrate mastery of the National Electrical Code and to obtain or maintain their license.

The majority of electricians find work in the construction industry, but about 30% of all electricians work in other areas of industry. During your electrician career you may be involved in all aspects of the wiring of homes, office buildings, hospitals, educational institutions and more. Work for an electrician does not involve only electrical wiring, as an electrician may also install fire and smoke alarms, burglar alarms, telephone systems, computer wiring and more. Job prospects for those pursuing an electrician career continues to be in high demand as the construction industry continues to grow and a number of electricians are reaching retirement age.