Online Dental Assistant Training

Dental assistants may help dentists with a variety of patient care, office, and lab tasks. They may prepare patients for dental procedures, take dental X-rays, prepare anesthetics, sterilize dental instruments and more. Office tasks may include managing dental records, collecting payment, and billing. The dental assistant may also remove dental sutures, clean away extra dental cement after a filling has been done, and provide instructions to patients on dental care.

Dental assistant schools may train you in dental assistant skills, dental hygiene, dental materials, and more. Dental assistant training may include practical experience in dental clinic, dental school, or dental office. Dental assistant training programs may also prepare you to take on administrative duties, such as setting and confirming appointments, processing dental bills, collecting payments, reminding patients of dental appointment, and ordering dental supplies.

Nearly all jobs may be found in dentist offices. Historically, training has taken place on the job, but an increasing number of jobs are going to those who have received formal training.