Online CIW Certification

Schools offering CIW training programs and certification provide you with the ability to obtain the widely respected CIW Certification. This certification demonstrates that the basic knowledge, experience and credentials you need for a career in Web development and design. Basic levels of this training is also beneficial for those working in fields that depend on the Internet for operation such as web sales, advertising, technical recruiting, and business development. More advanced levels of CIW certification are awarded to those who have demonstrated the skills needed for a career in web design and development.

Basic CIW training and certification typically includes a complete background in: Web browsers, FTP and e-mail, Web security, Web page authoring using HTML, and Basic infrastructure networking. More advanced training includes: Design, management, and maintenance, Authoring and scripting languages, Browsers, email, and protocols, Cascading Style Sheets, FrontPage 2000 and Macromedia software, Security, firewalls, encryption, and cookies.