Online Catering Schools

Catering schools teach you to master the multiple arts of preparation and cooking, presentation, and even the smell of the food. Catering is not just about cooking, but the entire customer experience. Catering schools also teach you to take into account the layout of the venue, the size of the venue, the number of nature of the people attending, and of course the budget. Catering courses also teach you the health and safety guidelines of the business. All catering school courses are taught by trained professionals who have the real world experience to help you get a jump start on your career.

After finishing catering school, you may find yourself working in conference centers, hotels, country clubs, catering businesses, or running your own catering business. Catering work begins by discussing the requirements (location, people, budget) with the client. The caterer must also put together a proposal (pricing and proposed menu) and agree upon a final plan with the client. Next, catering an event requires acquiring the ingredients for the meal, managing the perparation, delivery to the client’s venue, serving the food and beverages, and managing the success of the event. Finally, the caterer must manage the clean up of the client’s venue and leave in good shape before their team can go home. A career as a caterer may be right for you if you love to manage events, being responsible for their success, and also love to plan, prepare, and serve food.