Online Aviation Electronics

Today’s aircraft make use of an enormous number of electronic components. The proper operation of these devices is critical to the safe operation of the plane. Trained technicians who have the skill and resources to maintain and update these components are an invaluable part of the world’s transportation systems.

In aviation electronics schools you will receive extensive training in the electrical and electronic components of airplanes. You will also receive training in the use of aviation electronics diagnosis tools such as avionics test equipment and will receive the training and qualification necessary to pursue employment as a qualified technician.

With an aviation electronics degree, you can pursue aviation electronics jobs with:

  • airlines
  • airports
  • government
  • electronics manufacturers

Tasks include testing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing electronic components, such as aircraft monitoring systems, navigation systems (such as GPS), autopilot equipment, and communications systems. To do this work the aviation mechanic may use electrical test equipment to check for shorts or broken wires, or other types of electronic test equipment.