Online Architecture Schools

Architecture schools train you in the art and science of building design. In architecture school you will learn to start with a project’s requirements, as well as the available resources, and then to implement a plan that meets the requirements. A key part of success is being able to discuss problems, issues, and options with the client and agree on solutions. This takes place on an ongoing basis through a project. An architect must be able to use architectural drawings, construction plans, and other documents to communicate with the client and the construction team. Architecture schools also train you to become familiar with building codes, zoning laws, fire regulations and other laws and regulations that affect your project.

Most architects find work in small architectural firms. About 20% are self-employed. Most of their time is spent developing architecture drawings, communicating with clients, developing reports, or communicating with other architects and engineers. There were about 113,000 architecture jobs in 2002. Job competition is expected to be fierce, but those who have completed degrees at architecture schools, and have obtained job experience will land the best jobs.