Online Aesthetician Schools

Why Attend an Aesthetician School?

An aesthetician, also called a skin care specialist, gets to make people look and feel beautiful. Offering facials, full-body treatments, head and neck massages, and possibly applying makeup, an aesthetician should learn a wide variety of skills before beginning to work. You may be able to get even more clients with formal training in laser treatments.

To become a full-fledged aesthetician, you typically must obtain a state-certified license. In some states, this means you first need a high school diploma or GED, but since licensing requirements vary you should check on the regulations within your own state. In order to qualify for an exam, you generally need to attend an aesthetician school.

An aesthetician school traditionally offers a variety of training, from facials to massages, makeup application to body treatments. An aesthetician school may even offer additional courses in how to records of your clients’ skin care regimens, how to effectively sell products and even business or marketing courses for those who want to run their own business.

Why Become an Aesthetician?

With training from an accredited aesthetician school, you can join the 46 percent of personal appearance workers who are self-employed, possibly by opening your own business or by leasing space in a spa or salon. Even some medical settings now offer facial procedures to improve people’s complexions and thus need to hire an aesthetician. In fact, working for a health practitioner or at a hospital typically means a higher salary. A typical aesthetician earns a median hourly wage of $13.81 and a median annual wage of $28,730, but those who work for health practitioners can earn $19.97 in hourly mean wages and an annual mean wage of $41,540.