Ohio Teacher Certification

According to the U.S. Department of Education, teacher shortages exist across the nation, making it a good time for a career move toward education. In Ohio, teacher shortages are found in all major subjects: math, science, English, social studies, and more.

How to Get Ohio Teacher Certification

Generally, getting certified as a teacher in Ohio requires you to complete an approved teacher education program, and pass exams and state/FBI background checks. Upon successful completion of all components, you’ll receive a provisional educator license, which is valid for two years.

For career-changers, Ohio’s alternate licensing program allows bachelor-degree holders to earn their Ohio teacher certification in an accelerated program. This path leads to a non-renewable two-year alternative educator license, and after two years, teachers with this license can apply for a provisional educator license.

How to Get Certified as a Teacher in Ohio with an Out-of-State License

Ohio maintains an interstate agreement with 41 states regarding teacher certification. But whether or not an interstate agreement exists between Ohio and the state in which you’re certified, getting your Ohio teacher certification is generally straight forward, as long as your teaching credentials were earned at an approved teacher education program.

The Ohio Department of Education’s website publishes comprehensive information for out-of-state teachers seeking to gain their Ohio teacher certification. There, you can find an information packet that details the requirements. Depending on your background, you might have to take additional exams or classes or you might simply need to fill out paperwork.

Renewing Ohio Teacher Certification

Renewing your Ohio teacher certification is relatively straight forward, but it’s best to prepare before your certification is about to expire. Provisional certifications, which are valid for two years, can be renewed or can be advanced to a professional certification. After five years you’ll need to renew your professional certification, which requires you to take continuing education credits. Application materials and information can be found on the Ohio Department of Education’s website.