Missouri Teacher Certification

Many Missouri teachers enjoy loan forgiveness by teaching in shortage areas or in schools serving low-income families. This is good news for anyone planning to earn a Missouri teacher certification. The Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education publishes lists of current shortage areas and low-income schools on their website.

How to Get Missouri Teacher Certification

Getting certified as a teacher in Missouri can be done in a couple of ways. The most common route to Missouri teacher certification is by completing an accredited teacher education program. This can earn you an initial certificate if you pass your state teaching exams and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA. The initial Missouri teacher certification is valid for four years.

Provisional and temporary Missouri teacher certifications are also offered to select individuals. Provisional certifications can be awarded to those who are a few hours short of meeting all requirements for full certification. Often this is issued to teachers who are adding an area of certification. Temporary certifications, which are valid for one year, are offered to those with bachelor’s degrees in content closely-related to the area they’ll teach in; this option is used only when a fully qualified teacher can not be found.

Out-of-State Missouri Teacher Certification

For qualified teachers from other states, getting certified as a teacher in Missouri is not a complicated process. Although Missouri does not have formal certification reciprocity with other states, educators can earn Missouri teacher certifications by submitting materials that confirm they are qualified.

Renewing Missouri Teacher Certification

To renew an initial certification you’ll need to complete continuing education credits. If you stay up-to-date with requirements and are an employed teacher, you can earn your career continuous professional certificate (CCPC). The CCPC is a “permanent” license, as long as you stay current with all professional development and have positive teaching evaluations.