Michigan Teacher Certification

To teach in any of Michigan’s 57 public school districts, you’ll need to earn a Michigan teacher certification. The number of Michigan public schools has increased steadily over the past two decades, which could be good news for job seekers. In 1993-94, there were 615 schools, and in 2009-10 there were 851.

Additional Incentives for Getting Certified as a Teacher in Michigan

Michigan offers loan repayment and/or reduction of teaching obligations for those who teach in shortage areas. As of 2010, there were twenty-five shortage areas identified by the Michigan Department of Education, including mathematics, various sciences, foreign languages, personal and culinary services, and more. Whether you want to teach in a shortage area or not, getting certified as a teacher in Michigan could be a good career move, since highly-trained teachers are consistently in demand.

How to Get Michigan Teacher Certification: In- and Out-of-State

To get your Michigan teacher certification, you’ll first need to complete an approved teacher preparation program. You can earn this from a college/university in Michigan or another state. Your Provisional Certificate can be gained by completing an undergraduate or graduate teacher education program and by passing the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification.

If your teaching certification was earned in another state, earning your Michigan teacher certification should not be a problem. Michigan’s Office of Professional Preparation Services makes it easy by offering their certification application on their Web site.

Michigan also offers Vocational Certificates and Interim Occupational Certificates for teachers of approved vocational education courses.

How to Renew Michigan Teacher Certification

The Provisional Certificate is valid for up to six years, at which point an individual must either renew or gain a Professional Certificate. The requirements for a Professional Certificate include completing a master’s degree or 18 semester hours in a planned course of study. Further information and renewal applications are available on the Office of Professional Preparation Services’ website.