Massachusetts Teacher Certification

Teach in one of the most progressive states in the nation by getting certified as a teacher in Massachusetts. Teacher certification is perhaps the most efficient path towards working as an educator in the state. Whether you hope to earn a preliminary license and begin your career as a teacher, or boost your salary potential with a professional license, you have options with Massachusetts teacher certification.

How to Get Massachusetts Teacher Certification

Join the ranks of professional educators in The Bay State with professional teacher certification. The type of certification you earn in Massachusetts will help determine your salary, career path, and future requirements. Take a look at the types of licenses you can earn in the state along with basic requirements for each:

  • Preliminary License: This nonrenewable five-year license requires you to have a bachelor’s degree, pass a series of tests and competency reviews, and meet additional requirements.
  • Initial License: This five-year license is renewable one time. You must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized Massachusetts teacher-prep program, plus pass a series of tests.
  • Professional License: Earn this renewable five-year license by holding an initial license, completing a mentoring program, have proven working and mentored experience, and complete a performance assessment or master’s degree program.

Certification for Teachers Certified in Other States

If you’re in the process of getting certified as a teacher in Massachusetts yet need to work in the interim, you may qualify for a one-year nonrenewable temporary license. Specific rules apply based on your years of experience and where you earned your original credential.

Massachusetts License Renewal

Renewing your teacher’s license in Massachusetts requires you complete a professional development plan, maintain a log of re-certification activities, and meet school and district improvement goals. Your documentation will likely be subject for review, so it’s important that you educate yourself about the process before you begin.