Maryland Teacher Certification

According to the Maryland Teacher Shortage Task Force, “Maryland faces a crisis in its supply of teachers.” The dilemma has increased efforts to certify qualified individuals; for instance, alternative routes toward Maryland teacher certification have been created.

Maryland Teacher Certification Information

You can take a traditional or alternative route toward a Maryland teacher certification. The traditional route involves completing an accredited teacher certification program. You’ll need to pass your courses and state licensing exams and successfully complete student teaching. Completing these requirements earns you a professional eligibility certificate, which is valid for five years.

If you hold a bachelor’s degree, you can choose an alternate route toward Maryland teacher certification. Alternate certification options include the resident teacher certificate for teachers chosen by a local school to participate in alternative teacher preparation program and the conditional certificate, which is only granted if a school superintendent requests it for a particular applicant who doesn’t otherwise meet state requirements. Resident and conditional teacher certifications are valid for two years.

Out-of-State Teacher Certification Maryland

For qualified candidates from other states, it’s relatively easy to earn a Maryland teacher certification. Maryland’s State Department of Education’s website offers online advice and a toll-free hotline for certification assistance for in-state and out-of-state teachers.

Renewing Maryland Teacher Certification Information

Renewing your Maryland teacher certification is a relatively easy process, but make sure you begin before your certification is about to expire. By completing continuing education credits, you can renew your professional eligibility certificate. If you also become employed as a teacher, you can earn your standard professional certification I; once you gain three years’ experience, you can earn your standard professional certification II. You can apply for an advanced professional certificate if you earn your master’s degree or complete at least 36 semester hours of graduate work and work as a public school teacher.

Those holding resident teacher certificates or conditional certificates must complete all educational requirements before earning a professional certificate.