Marketing Careers

Marketing is the keystone of any company???s successful commercial activities. The marketing department identifies potential markets for the company???s products, researches the market???s key features and motivations, modifies products and prices and measures customer satisfaction. The department also keeps an eye on trends that indicate the need for new products to start the product life cycle all over again.

The job of a company???s marketing manager is to develop the detailed marketing strategy that will keep the firm at the forefront of its market. Working with the marketing manager, the product development managers and market research managers look after the key elements of the marketing strategy. In some companies, advertising, public relations and sales will all come under the remit of the marketing manager.

Most companies want marketing employees to have a background of at least a Bachelor???s degree, and preferably in marketing, business administration with a marketing bias or a related subject. Courses in marketing will give the skills and knowledge that the marketing manager needs to fulfill his tasks. Certification is also an attractive option, in marketing or a related subject. This can increase a candidate???s attractiveness in a very competitive market.

College graduates with marketing experience who are creative and have strong communications skills are best set to do well in this highly competitive job market. Earnings are around the $71,000 mark according to the US Department of Labor, with the best paid managers earning in excess of $130,000.

Directory of Schools Offering Marketing Education