International Business Careers

Today???s business environment does not allow us to ignore the world outside our country. Economies are interdependent and even communications no longer stop at the borders of countries. This globalization has been advancing for years, but the advent of the internet has pushed it into many people???s living rooms, and as importantly, many people???s offices.

Studying business studies at college or university gives a really sound basis for a career in business, and by taking an international business degree, you gain this sound basis plus knowledge of global business. You will study subjects such as international accountancy standards and procedures, international law, human resourcing in another culture, information systems, global communications and company structures. Your degree will allow you to make contacts that can be useful for the rest of your business life, including your fellow students, university staff and guest lecturers and other contacts from business.

This degree can prepare you for a career in a large global corporation, allowing you the knowledge and background to work in any part of the world, or you can consider starting your own business that deals with other countries and other cultures. The US is increasingly looking beyond its own borders for business and commercial opportunities, and this is your chance to get involved, building a career that will take you all over the world.

Directory of Schools Offering International Business Degrees