HR Careers

Finding the most appropriate person for any job within an organisation is one of the most important tasks of management, but as an organisation gets bigger, it becomes impossible for the senior management to keep in touch with all employees. At this point, Human Resources departments start to appear, to make the link between the two situations. However, Human Resource management fulfils more functions than this, also looking after legal issues to do with the employment of people, health and safety, payroll and benefits, and some strategic planning issues. Increasingly they are also involved with training and development issues for employees.

Employers usually seek college graduates to fill places in the Human Resources department, preferring people who have majored in human resources, personnel administration, or industrial and labor relations. However some will consider applicants with business studies or a technical background, depending on the nature of the organisation. Increasingly there is a move to look for people with graduate degrees, who have also done some work in law or industrial relations.

Prospects for growth and promotion are good in the next ten years, and earnings are around the $59,000 mark for human resource managers according to the US Department of Labor. This is a good career to enter with lots of different specialties to gain experience in, so entering at the right level is a must.

Directory of Schools Offering HR Training