Fashion Design Schools

North American Fashion Design Schools: This article provides an overview of fashion design in North America. Cities such as New York and Los Angeles have become major centers of fashion design. Top fashion design professionals with major design firms in the US can earn more than $100,000 per year. The average income is just about $50,000.

Topics in this article include the skills needed to be successful in fashion design, a summary of the courses offered in North American Fashion Design Schools, the nature of the work, employment prospects, and more. In many cases you will see a strong similarity between fashion design in North America and fashion design in Europe.

Skills: Fashion designers must be skillful with textiles, fabrics, ornamentation, and knowledgeable about trends in the fashion world. Other required fashion design skills include a good eye for color, balance, and proportion, and the ability to manage detail. Fashion designers also benefit from strong personal skills and an ability to understand what their client is looking for and to bring the client???s design concept to life.

Courses: North American Fashion design schools train you to work with your client, to understand their needs and desires, and to create designs to match. Fashion design courses will help you learn how to work with different patterns or to create your own, how to work with different textiles and materials, and how to train you eye and mind to produce a visually appealing product. In addition, fashion design schools will provide you with practical working experience that will enable you to build an initial fashion design portfolio that will be critical to your success in finding a job.

Employment: Fashion designers typically work for clothing distributors and manufacturers, pattern manufacturers, fashion design salons, fashion department stores, specialty shops, or textile manufacturers. Fashion designers are expected to have faster than average employment growth.

Work: Fashion designers design clothing and accessories. Fashion designers create original work as well as following the latest fashion trends. Most designers end up creating design of clothing for the mass market, although some of the fashion designers end up working for high-fashion department stores.

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