Executive Careers

Taking an MBA program can really change the direction of your career, and sometimes changes your whole working life. An MBA is a different kind of degree from almost all others, in that although there is a reasonable stress on knowledge, there is equal stress on the ability to be able to apply that knowledge to working situations, and to be able to work together in teams to be able to find optimum solutions to business problems.

The structure is fairly simple, in that each year there are a number of basic subjects taught by conventional methods, depending on the direction of the MBA, for instance accounting, human resource management, information systems, business organisation, strategic management etc. The students are also given a number of projects that require them to be able to link the subjects together as they would be in a real environment, for instance a planning exercise for a company, the need to cope with a budget shortfall, or a joint project for a new business venture.

The benefit to the student is really great, and gives MBA graduates the ability to be able to think strategically whilst being able to calculate and understand the tactical impact on an organisation. This is probably why MBA graduates have very high average earnings, plus the ability to gain jobs and get to the top of their organisation.

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