Elementary Teacher Career

Teaching in elementary schools is probably one of the most responsible jobs that it is possible to do. Children learn the most and fastest during their earlier years, and elementary education supplies them with the building blocks that they use in the rest of their education, and in their adult life. Good teaching is essential in elementary education, and teachers provide the tools and environment for development.

Elementary teachers take a different approach to learning than is used later in the educational process, and they tend to use games, stories, music, art, and films as well as books and computers to teach basic skills and knowledge. These activities also encourage children to be able to interact effectively socially, and give them the ability to work co-operatively and be able to communicate well.

All States require teachers to hold at least a Bachelor???s degree, and require them to complete an approved teacher training program, including a minimum level of education credits plus practice teaching. Teachers have to licensed, and require continuing education for renewal of their license. There is also a move to implement performance-based standards for renewal of licenses. There are also a number of different certification programs, to allow teachers to demonstrate their professional competence.

There are a large number of teachers due to retire over the next ten years, and this means that prospects for new teachers are excellent. There is intense competition for good teachers, and teachers with good teaching records and experience may find that they are encouraged to move with bonuses and higher pay. Average earnings are in the area of $40,000 according to the US Department of Labor, with the top ten percent earning around $60,000.

Directory of Schools Offering Elementary Education Degrees