Criminal Justice Careers

A career as a criminal justice lawyer can be both interesting and rewarding. Lawyers in criminal justice usually act as advocates, either on behalf of the defendants in a criminal action, or as prosecutors for the government. As advocates they present evidence and argue their client’s case in court. Sometimes they act as advisors, pointing out the consequences of particular actions to clients who need to clarify the legal consequences of their action.

Criminal justice lawyers either work in private practice, being retained by individuals who have been charged with crimes as a trail lawyer. Some work for either State government in the State attorneys general department, or in the US Department of Justice and other agencies.

Criminal justice lawyers have to be licensed by the State or Federal courts. An applicant has to graduate from an accredited school — usually by the ABA (American Bar Association) with a four year degree. They then have to study for three years in a Law School, and pass the required Bar examinations. Competition for places at law school is often intense, and only the better graduates are taken. May schools include practice trials and students and projects under the supervision of practicing lawyers, giving students opportunity to experience situations they will be faced with when they are working.

Earnings for criminal justice lawyers are good, median earnings for lawyers being around $88,000 according o the US Department of Labor.

Directory of Schools Offering Criminal Justice Degrees