Computer Science Career

Computer Scientists work as theorists, researchers and inventors. They are very necessary to the computing industry at present, as new technologies are needed to improve the interfaces between the internet and computing, and new ideas come along to make the most of interactions between technologies.

Many computer scientists work in academic institutions as researchers and developers, pushing forward the frontier of hardware and software design and applications, working on materials science to improve capabilities and performance, and looking at theoretical algorithms to give new applications and new technologies. Some work on multi-disciplinary projects, for it is on the interface between known disciplines where many of the new ideas arise. Some computer scientists work in private industry to apply theory, developing new software and hardware techniques and applications, and developing known technologies to integrate with present products.

Computer scientists are usually highly qualified, entering the early stages of this profession with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, and often taking research degrees in a chosen area of computer science. This is a challenging and fascinating area to work in, and many computer scientists can progress to become project managers, and take part in departmental management of the technology process.

Earnings are good, with median salaries being in the area of $70,000 in the year 2000 according to the US Department of Labor. There is always demand for talented and hardworking computer scientists, and this is likely to increase in the next ten years as computer technology and the impact of networking creates new and different classifications of products.

Directory of Schools Offering Computer Science Degrees