Computer Programming Career

Although it is possible to become a computer programmer without holding a degree, it is difficult to enter into the industry, and once there, job prospects are much poorer than for other well-qualified programmers. Most people who become computer programmers study for a 2 or 4 year degree, learning the basic generic skills and knowledge that future training is based on; according to the US Department of Labor some 48% of entrants to the industry have a Bachelor???s degree. They acquire knowledge of the computing industry, and for many of them the contacts that they make amongst fellow students, staff and industry related people are invaluable for their future career.

The computing industry is changing, and increasingly companies buy software packages for their applications. Software houses then engineer the interface so that the packages suit individual clients. This has reduced the number of computer programmers in the industry, and the demand for them, but as applications become more widespread, and new hardware and computing techniques come online, programmers will find that programming and related skills will be in increasing demand.

Earnings in the industry are around $58,000, with the highest 10% earning more than $93,000 according to the US Department of Labor. People entering the industry with a Bachelor???s degree can expect a starting salary of around $48,000. This is an interesting career with good prospects, so it is worth entering at the right level and making the most of your abilities.

Directory of Computer Programming Schools