Certified Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are becoming an important part of the delivery system of the health care industry. Medical assistants take on a part of the routine work of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals, leaving them free to concentrate on the more skilled parts of their job. This makes a lot of difference to the industry as health care professionals can become much more effective, and also more cost effective.

Medical assistants take on a number of different tasks, including administrative duties such as looking after patient???s medical records, handling correspondence and scheduling appointments, hospital visits and laboratory procedures. They also carry out certain clinical duties, preparing patients for examination and assisting physicians to carry them out, collecting a preparing laboratory specimens, and can sometimes change dressings for patients.

Employers require formal qualifications in medical assisting, because this guarantees that applicants have the necessary medical and industry knowledge and skills to make an effective medical assistant. Courses can be either one year, resulting in a certificate or diploma, or two year, resulting in an associate degree. Programs in medical assisting training are accredited by organisations recognized by the US Department of Education, and subjects covered include anatomy, physiology, medical terminology and other medically related subjects plus office administrative skills.

Prospects are good for Medical Assistants, not only is the health care industry expanding, the role and demand for the medical assistant is going to increase. Salaries are in the area of $23,000 with top earnings in the region of $33,000.

Directory of Schools Offering Medical Training