Animation Careers

A career in animation is chosen by many people with good artistic talent who wish to get involved with multi-media art. Animation can include creating animated cartoons, or special effects used in videos, movies, computers and television. Animation is a growing field, with computer techniques having revolutionized the production of cartoons for film and television, plus a fast increase in the use of animation in computer gaming and related products.

Animators increasingly use a whole variety of techniques to create their special effects. Digital pictures lend themselves to manipulations that create effects that could not have bee envisaged even ten years ago, and so an important part of any animator???s training is to learn about new technologies, what is possible and how to use them.

Most animators come into the industry by way of a degree, giving them the background and skills that they need to be able to use their artistic talent through the range of media that are available. They are able to demonstrate their talent and knowledge to the industry by displaying the portfolio of work that they will build up during their time of study.

Careers in animation are paid in the area of $42,000, with top animators earning more than $70,000 according to the US Department of Labor. However, competition for the best places in the industry is fierce, and the better qualified get to choose the best careers.

Directory of Animation Schools