Education and Career

How many of us – when were young – have dreamt of growing up to be famous stars, astronauts, military officers, doctors, or even presidents, but when it came to reality they stumbled into many obstacles that made it hard for them to perceive their dreams. But some of us were able to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. Does this mean we have the liberty to choose our career? Or are we driven by several external circumstances that lead us into paths that we don’t desire?

Since man started living in societies, lots of external factors forced choices on him. At first, man had to be a hunter in order to provide family with food and cloth. With progress in our way of life and the industrial revolution, man shifted from being a hunter into an industrious worker as the new way of life has demanded; now the wide spread of technology has found various job opportunities and thus forcing our children into computer careers as it is the new trend and offers various opportunities. Man has to equip with the fast development of the world and to choose his career according to what the world is demanding. We have to adopt and adapt in order to find us a place on the fast train of progress.

These are not the only factors that affect our choice of careers (custom coursework writing). Family traditions directly influence our lives. In the Lebanese mentality or even the Arabian mentality, children are raised to take over the family business despite their orientations. A butcher’s son is raised to be a butcher and a carpenter’s son is raised to be a carpenter. Why? Because they think that this is business that provided the family with money for decades and thus they have a better opportunity of succeeding in it. Some fathers think if they were raised to be the way they are, their sons shouldn’t be raised any different. Why to gain a degree when they are doing just fine without one. You can also ask “write my college essay paper“.

The society and even the country we are living in, influence our choice of a career. A girl living in an open western society has the ability to achieve her dream and attend a university, while a girl living in a strictly closed society is not allowed as her family would think early marriage is much better and going to the university would only lead her to mutiny on family traditions.

The supply and demand of our country also affect our choice of a career, a country with limited resources forces its citizens into special careers. A Lebanese child dreaming of being an astronaut would face many difficulties in achieving his goal as Lebanon is not advanced in this field; while an American child has a better opportunity of achieving such a goal. Some countries would try to push their citizens into special jobs where they are more needed by seducing them with high positions, better salaries, and more job facilities. For example, in the gulf area, most citizens are driven toward the world of oil as it is the main resource for the gulf countries.

Many children were enrolled in schools with the main objective of graduating and working in respectable firms and companies, but the death of the father would force them into early labor thus destroying all their dreams and forcing them into a new path.

So in the end, can we choose the career we love? I don’t think so. A few people have the freedom to choose the careers they love. The rest are forced into their careers, and have a little chance of choosing their career. In some way we have to learn to love the careers forced on us, rather than choosing the careers we love.